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Are you a sport organization, club or business that wants to increase its membership to girls in Manitoba? Our FITGirls Online Directory is a great place to start. We are passionate about getting girls in sport and activities. Whether it is kickboxing, crossfit or gymnastics, it is important for girls to be active, in an environment that is safe and understanding to girls’ specific needs. 

As a business listed in our Directory, we will promote your business, coaches, athletes and events through our newsletter, social media channels and our active role in the media. We have been featured in every major local media outlet in Manitoba including print, television, radio and online. We have also received national and international attention from media on the work we are doing for girls in sport.  We would love for you to be a part of it ALL. Contact us today! 


Co-host an Event 

We have seen tremendous success with our Girls Events that aim to motivate, inspire and empower young girls. These events have brought wonderful feedback from parents and kids letting us know they want more. The events bring new sports to these girls lives, teach them about goal setting, nutrition and confidence.

If you are an organization, club or business looking to attract females to your sport or location, we can help. We would love to bring our contacts of parents and kids to try your sport and/or gym. There are many ways that we can make this work, and would love to chat about this with you further. We can create a custom event for kids with you. Contact us today!


Become a Sponsor

Businesses around the globe are understanding more now than ever the importance of supporting girls and women in their goals, dreams and aspirations to help with their bottom line. We are always looking for sponsors for our girls sport and empowerment events. Sponsorship offers corporate Canada a viable alternative to conventional advertising – it sends a brand message in a more subtle in a long-lasting manner. It is a very effective way of associating a corporate brand with the values represented by a particular sport, athlete or initiative like our Girls Events. This is an excellent way for companies to separate themselves from their competition.

What’s in it for your business?

As a sponsor business, this is an opportunity to reach an audience specific to girls and their parents. It demonstrates that you are committed to the success and wellness of our young female Winnipeggers. Your programs, events or activities can be promoted via our newsletter and social media channels with a terrific and dedicated following on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

The media attention for our work with girls in sport is incredible. We have been featured in every local major news publication including print, television, radio and online. We have received national and international attention for the work we are doing for girls in sport in our city and across the country.

There are various levels of sponsorship and we would love to chat with you about how you can be a part of making big changes to the future of girls in Manitoba! Please contact us at 204.770.2203 or email us at