What is it??

There are three main components to the Journal:
  1. Throughout the Summer of 2017 we have free weekly activity challenges for the girls. Examples include “come try it” days for tennis, CrossFit, kickboxing, triathlon and many more. Each week we give away awesome prizes for girls who take on the challenge including gift certificates, clothing and sporting goods!
  2. Offers/Coupons – all businesses provide a free or discount price on their activities and programming. For example, girls who have a Journal receive free classes, discounts on summer sports camps, and fall and winter programming. There is over $1500 in savings in the Journal!
  3. Journaling – we wanted to ensure this was a very positive experience for everyone, so we have pages in the Journal dedicated to goal setting, self esteem boosting exercises, and reflecting on participating in sports.

Why did we create the Fitness Journal for Girls?

Girls are up to six times more likely to drop out of sport than their male counterparts by the age of 15. There are many reasons for this including a lack of access, lack of positive female sport role models, cost, transportation and safety issues, decreased quality experience and social stigma associated with being a female athlete (think ‘tomboy’). Source: Womens Sports Foundation

That said, there are a tremendous amount of benefits for girls to participate in sport – health, meeting new friends, time management skills, doing better in school, learning teamwork and goal setting skills, reducing stress and building self confidence.

When learning more about the issues girls face with regards to sport inclusion, we decided to do something about it. In 2017, we have brought 30 businesses and sport organizations together to create the Fitness Journal for Girls.  Click on the below photo to watch our VIDEO!


Who are we?

As the two women who started Fit Communications and have now developed the Winnipeg Fitness Journal for Girls, we are on a mission to make Canadians happier and healthier. We are two former athletes and coaches that have experienced all of the benefits of sport and have seen how it can transform lives and prepare girls for the future. As such, we are extremely passionate about supporting girls and women in sport and fitness. Part of this is being positive role models and helping to provide easier access to fitness and exercise programming for girls. The Journal brings health and happiness to our community, and we would love for you to be a part of the movement. Here’s how:

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