Confidence Workbook

Our Confidence Workbook is geared towards kids ages 5 – 17 who are looking to give their self-confidence a boost. We put the Confidence Workbook together because we understand how important it is to be confident. Whether you are five or eight-five, it is important to feel good about yourself, but that isn’t something that always comes natural to everyone. This Workbook has 10 terrific exercises to help kids feel great about being themselves. Purchase your Confidence Workbook today for only $16. 


 Fitness Journal for Girls

There are a tremendous amount of benefits for girls to participate in sport – health, meeting new friends, time management skills, doing better in school, learning teamwork and goal setting skills, reducing stress and building self confidence. When learning more about the issues girls face with regards to sport inclusion, we decided to do something about it. We have brought 30 businesses and sport organizations together to create the Fitness Journal for Girls. You guide to everything fun, sport and fitness related for girls ages 5 – 15. Purchase your Fitness Journal for Girls today for only $10.