Achieving Your Goals in 2014


Happy New Year!! Hope everyone is enjoying the first few moments of the 2014 year. I always find this time of year to be in such a great position to set goals for the coming twelve months on various realms in my life – physically, spiritually and with overall life. But I think it is more than just saying ‘I want to lose weight this year’ or ‘I want to hit more sales targets this year than last’ or ‘I want to be closer to my family this year’. All great statements, but they can easily fall short without a plan or measurable ways to make it there. This week’s blog is dedicated to helping you ask yourself the right questions and hopefully find success in your coming year’s resolutions.

First – health. This is probably the most popular resolution to make. Let’s be honest – you know how busy January is going to be in the gym, but by March, it’s back to the regular flow. So why do so many people fall off the wagon? Every excuse imaginable, but how can you avoid falling into that group? Set achievable goals with tactics on how to get there. Make your goal statements specific, and write them down. Post them on your fridge or by your bed so you don’t forget your plan. For example, if you want to lose weight in 2014, say more. You want to lose 10 pounds or 6 inches by March 15. There is a tangible goal. Next – what’s your plan to get you there? For example, you are going to commit to hiring a personal trainer once a week and working out on your own two additional times. And with regards to nutrition, everyone wants to eat ‘better’ but we need something more targeted. For example, you are going to cut out all white carbs, you are not going to eat after 8pm, or you are going to substitute all of your pop and juice with water for 3 months. The key is setting specific goals with a plan – then you’re on the road to success.

You can take these principles into the second example – relationships. Perhaps this is going to be the year you find your life partner, the year your relationship with your sibling turns around, the year you spend more time with your teenage kids. Whatever the goal is, make it specific. What about your relationship(s) do you want to see improve specifically? What does that look like and moreover, how would it feel if that was the case? Now you have your eyes on a specific goal. Now you need tactics – how are you going to do this? Perhaps you’re going to set aside one afternoon a week to spend quality time with a family member. Perhaps one morning a week you’re going to write loving notes to your loved ones ‘just because’. Or maybe you’re going to spend one night a week out with your friends in hopes of meeting the Mr. or Mrs. Right. Whatever the goal may be, you need to set a plan in place to make it happen…otherwise it is just talk. So this year, walk the walk don’t just talk the talk.

My last example is with business. At Fit Communications we love working with clients to set goals, determine the tactics to reach them, and help them along the path to success. Whether it be to increase your sales by 20% this year, or attend at least six conferences where you are speaking to audiences about your business, or perhaps winning an award for your strong brand presence and design. We can help you do it all. And we use the same principles with business as we do with life. Recognize a specific goal to work towards in a set period of time. Secondly, discover the best tactics to help you work towards that goal. Third – and at times most importantly, measure throughout and be flexible enough to change the tactics if you need to. If something isn’t working, make a shift. Don’t be scared to do it. Remember your goal. Keep it top of mind with everything you do. Every person you pitch. Every ad your run. Every speaking engagement you have. They all should be working towards one common goal.

Hopefully this blog gives you some insight to set your 2014 goals for yourself and your business. We would love to chat more about how Fit Communications can help you get there.

From both Alli and I, we truly wish everyone a year full of love and laughs, health and happiness!

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