Active for Life

I am a firm believer in being Active For Life.  Whether it is going for walks, gardening, playing on a softball team or masters swim team, any activity is good activity.  If you don’t use it you lose it.  I am inspired by many people in my life that are “older” but still in fantastic shape.  These people have such a zest for life and I have to attribute it to their commitment to staying active.

My great-aunt is 86 years old and walks for 45 minutes every single day, regardless of the weather.  She dresses for the weather and is committed to her walks.  My father is 76 years old and still lifts weights, runs stairs and does incline sit-ups!  He could run circles around most people I know.

My children’s great grandmother is 84 years old and still plays soccer with the kids and can pick them up and lift them over a fence!

These are the people that inspire me to work-out and be active in order to stay healthy and maintain a great quality of life into my retirement years.

I know that it is sometimes difficult with work, family, dinner, driving, and “life” getting in the way.  However, exercise and physical activity should not be the item that is cut out. There is always a way to “make time”.  Make it a priority.  Not only for yourself, but also for your family.  Your family will only benefit from you being healthy and fit.  It will allow you to increase your life expectancy and quality of life in the later years.  Right now, it will give you more energy, make you healthier and help you look great, and you will also be acting as a role model to those around you.  This includes peers, children, nieces, nephews and partners.  We all need people to inspire us! 

Sometimes the trick is to disguise exercise.  Do something fun!  Sign up for a team sport or try something that you have always wanted to do.  So many sports have programs for adults that are new to the sport.  Choosing something that you enjoy to do will ensure you keep with it.  Better yet, do it with a friend – support each other and be accountable. 

Whatever you choose to do, do it often, make it fun and keep on doing it!  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!