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Soul Healing. These are two words to describe the Be Yoga – Yoga Studio. It is not only a yoga studio but a place to heal, grow and strengthen. The studio is small – in a room on the second floor in St. Boniface at 130 Marion Street, it has a maximum of about 18 students per session. These 18 are a lucky group. Tiffany, the owner of the studio and sole teacher, knows most everyone by name. She remembers you and things you share with her. It is welcoming, warm, inviting. The studio is dimly lit and filled with soothing music to help you get into the zone of relaxation – combined, it gives an aura of hippy, India, Buddah, happiness and warmth.

It is anything but intimidating. There is an array of people in the class – from “yogis” to grandmas. All participants have many different levels of skill. Tiffany gives many options for these different levels to stay connected to the class. No matter if you are new to yoga, pregnant, or injured she is sensitive to your needs and makes you feel at ease and welcome.   The daily classes are as varied as her clientele. You will never be bored of the same routine. Tiffany also explains what the focus of the class that day is or what parts of the body or systems we will be targeting. It helps to know how the poses are helping your body.

Be Yoga offers many different classes including Flow, Slow Flow, Yin, Yin Glow and Restorative. No hot yoga here (much to my liking!). The variety of classes all retain the same basic principles – balance, belonging and energy. No matter what class you take, you will feel better for being there. It is not out of the norm for Tiffany to read an excerpt from a piece of her favourite literary works. It makes you think beyond yourself, that room, your day.

Be Yoga has many different packages available – truly for something for everyone. Whether you want to go everyday or once a week or once a month. It is all really affordable too. Very reasonable given what I know of most yoga studio pricing.

As Tiffany is usually the only one leading all classes, she can not teach every hour of every day and therefore there are not 80 classes per week like some studios. However, the weekly schedule is consistent, posted on-line and fits in different schedules – lunch hour shortened, after work and weekend classes. She truly brings a piece of her to every class – and that is exactly what you can count on with each and every class. It’s a wonderful place to practice. To be. To open yourself.

So if you are in the market for a warm place to start yoga or looking for a new great place, try Be Yoga. If you need more information, please visit the website:





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