Chia Seeds Vs Flax…The Fight is On


I incorporated flax seed into my diet many years ago when I read an article about it promising numerous health benefits as well as being a strong measure to reduce your risk with heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. I found it easy to add to my diet by sprinkling it on everything from oatmeal to yogurt to eggs to a salad. Flax seed oil is great in a shake or as part of a dressing, or you can take it as a supplement – easy as can be.

This year I was introduced to chia seeds – the highly-proclaimed ‘super food’ by many, allowing you to eat your way to health. While for me I find it easy to incorporate a second seed into my diet, many like to chose just one. So I did a bit of research to determine which of the two seeds would win in a battle of goodness.

By the numbers:

Chia seeds, dried (2 tbsp)                                    Flaxseed, ground (2 tbsp)

Calories                                                                 69                                                                                           75

Fat                                                                        4.4g                                                                                          6g

Fibre                                                                     20% of daily requirements                                                      15%

Protein                                                                  2.3g                                                                                         2.6g

Carbs                                                                       6g                                                                                          4g

Calcium                                                                  9% of RDA                                                                        4% RDA

Magnesium                                                            12% RDA                                                                         14% RDA

B1                                                                             6% RDA                                                                        15% RDA

Copper                                                                     7%                                                                                        9%

Omega 3’s                                                                3g                                                                                         4g

Anti-oxidant                                                           11% RDA                                                                        5% RDA


As you can see it’s a tight race. Every individual needs are different, so when choosing a seed it is important to know what your body needs. A few major benefits of chia seeds include diabetes prevention, increased fibre and omega-3’s, strengthens your teeth and bones, high in protein, fights belly fat and has been known to improve heart health. A few other benefits to flaxseed of course are their high anti-oxidant benefits, improved blood pressure, cardio-vascular benefits, anti-inflammatory benefits, cancer prevention and digestive health.

At the end of the day the choice is yours…pick one you feel would be easiest to add to your daily routine. Flaxseed works best when it is ground and consumed right away. Chia seeds on the other hand can be eaten whole – makes things a bit easier for a busy lifestyle. Whichever one you choose, there are lots of ways to add them to your meals, by sprinkling them in and on as much as you can.