Confident Children

Some call it lucky, I call it ‘just me’ – I wake up happy every single day. I’m very appreciative of the fact and couldn’t imagine life any other way. And part of that happy, go-lucky, lady-charm brings a sense of self-confidence that truly comes from within. This week I had a really great conversation with one of my favorite people about self-confidence in children. He too has a boat load of happiness and confidence, so it was great to speak with someone who vibes with me on a topic that I truly feel is imperative to a child’s well-being.

One of my life goals is to one day raise very happy and confident children. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough in today’s world. Little girls have pressure on them now more than ever. Their body images are worse now more than ever. The bullying that goes on in their lives is worse now than ever before. All topics I am ever so passionate about, and do my best to raise awareness levels of those around me. When it comes to raising confident, young women I feel it is important to help them find that confidence from within on things outside of their looks. Yes – they are all beautiful. Yes, the clothes they wear look fabulous. But when was the last time you told a little girl how funny she is? How smart she is? How much fun she is to be around? How great of a girl she is? How her personality is one in a million? Are compliments like these not imperative to finding that confidence in something other than her looks? I think so – and will do my best to preach these words.

Now don’t get me wrong – I feel there is equally as much pressure on the boys of our world, although often in a very different fashion. Boys are told to be strong, and tough. They are told they need to be a provider and ‘bring home the bacon’. They are told not to cry and to toughen up all too often. Whether it’s crying over spilled milk or being roughed up on the playground, we need to let our boys be children. Let them be sensitive and kind. Allow them to be vulnerable and soft. Unconditional love.

So this weekend, when you’re around the children that are in your life, pay them a compliment they haven’t heard before. Make them feel really terrific for being them. Show them something about themselves that you notice and you admire. Because it really is up to us – the adults of the world – to raise a generation of healthy children. Healthy in each and every way – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. It is our responsibility…we owe it to these beautiful souls.