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On April 22, 2015 – World Earth Day – 28-year-old Alex Drysdale, Winnipeg entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, will be launching an exceptional product for both our health and our environment – Crik Nutrition.

Crik Protein Powder’s main ingredient is crickets – yes, that’s correct, crickets! This clean and environmentally-friendly protein supplement is a 100% Canadian made product, and Drysdale hopes the launch of his brand and product line will bring something innovative to both the fitness and business world.

Growing up on his family farm in Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Alex Drysdale has always had a passion for agriculture. Working on the farm that his grandparents purchased in 1937 and built from the ground up, brought a diverse set of experiences working on dairy, grain and beef farms. Combined with his love for health and fitness, growing an environmentally sustainable, healthy business is a perfect fit for this Manitoban.

Alex notes he is furthermore motivated to ensure success of Crik Nutrition as the Drysdale family farm is currently in jeopardy of being sold. With almost 80 years in the family, he wants to ensure his family farming legacy lives on. He is hoping a successful launch of Crik Nutrition will allow him to purchase the land within the next two years.

Crik Protein, is the ONLY protein powder on the planet with its main ingredient as crickets. This nutritionally dense supplement also includes pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, flax and vanilla for flavor. Sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, it is truly delicious.

Drysdale decided to launch his company on Kick Starter on April 22, World Earth Day, due to the benefits of using crickets over beef to the environment. To produce one pound of crickets, it takes one gallon of water, whereas to get the same amount of edible beef, 200o gallons of water are needed. Moreover, the greenhouse gases are basically negligible with production of crickets in comparison to beef greenhouse gas emissions. Crickets generate really quickly meaning it takes a maximum of six weeks to have them delivered for production. They are cold blooded so in turn use less metabolism and therefore use less water and feed to create the same amount of consumable product. This impacts the land needed and feed required to ‘grow’ them.

Crik Nutrition is a win-win company, not only for the environment but the health of those who take it as well. Crickets are a clean protein and super healthy. They contain 5 times the magnesium of beef, are high in calcium, have 3 times more iron than beef, high amounts of B12 – in fact the same amount as a portion of wild salmon! They also have a perfect omega 3 to 9 ratio and higher amino acid content than beef, which helps build muscle. And in terms of digestion, beef is 40% digestible versus crickets that are 80%.

“Launching on Kick Starter will help not only build the Crik Nutrition brand, but will also allow for proof of concept,’ says Drysdale.

Product will be available for purchase online ( by Fall of 2015. Until then, the Kick Starter campaign is where product can be purchased. There are various ways you can participate in helping this Manitoba entrepreneur ranging from a $10 donation and up, all with benefits from free product to a grand prize package including a tour of the cricket farm north of Toronto.

“This product is about being healthy for the individual consumer and equally as important at being healthy for the environment,” says Drysdale who is on a mission to bring a healthy alternative to the masses.

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