Find Your Passion


When Alli and I first embarked on the beginnings of FIT Communications, we truly identified what success for us would look like for us. Of course there are financial desires or material wants, but our focus was more about lifestyle and time for life. It is often a question people ask themselves on one level or another – What does success look like for me? What are my goals? What is my purpose? What is the lesson to be learned? Many variations, all looking to really determine our true calling and passion.

To understand what you are most passionate about, you really need to ask yourself what excites me? What is my reason for getting up each day? What brings a smile to my face and a bounce in my step? From a business perspective, Alli and I both really love working with our clients who are so passionate and excited about their business. We love that we are able to work with such intelligent and motivated people each day, and help them communicate their passion to the masses. We feed off their energy, absorb it, feel it and enjoy it. Spending our days with people who are passionate – doesn’t get much better than that.

With our work in sport, this passion is exemplified to a physical form. Seeing an athlete train so hard, put their body and mind to such extreme levels is inspiring. Can’t, no, won’t and don’t are not words in their vocabulary. The can. They will. They do. They succeed. This energy and passion is truly contagious. If you are ever having a hard day or feeling like you’re up against a wall – go watch a high performance athlete train. They have a self-competition with every practice, and they win with every move.

And then there is your life passion. At the end of the day, work is just work. What really moves you to action? What keeps you awake at night with excitement? What keeps your energy on such a high level you cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning. If you are reading this and can’t answer this immediately, I suggest you ask yourself that. Discover that about yourself. Delve into this topic. Because as soon as you know your real reason to live that is inside your heart and soul, you have achieved success. Success doesn’t mean money, or cars, or ‘stuff’. It is understanding your true love and desire. Because once you have your eye on the prize, you will go after it with vigor and a zest for life that is more than you have imagined before. Like an athlete soars for the fastest time, the strongest finish or the hardest punch, you too will soar. You will grow. You will desire.

So what is your life passion?