Fit Communications Top Ten Favorite Health Tips


I have a ‘thing’ about top ten favorites. I like to send the loved ones in my life a ‘top ten favorite things I love about you’ note every once in a while. I feel really good when I make others feel good, and it makes them feel pretty fabulous, so all in all a solid outcome. So this week’s blog is my top ten list of favorite health tips…hard to narrow down to ten just as it is with my favorite people, but here goes!

1) Do something active every single day. Your body is your gift. So use it! Have fun with it! Sweat for it every day. Raise your heart beat every day for at least twenty minutes consecutively – I promise you your heart and health will appreciate it. Yoga, walking, weights, kickboxing, swimming, running, biking, TR-X, pilates – go do what you love!

2) Eat a large plate of raw, vegetables EVERY day, especially the green ones. There are so many incredible options to choose from, so be bountiful. You can never eat too many vegetables. Spinach, kale, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, beets, yams…all of them.

3) Drink water – and lots of it. Even better – squeeze a lemon in it too. And even crazier…add some chlorophyll to that water. Start first thing in the morning before you even brush your teeth. And continue throughout the day. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty…stay hydrated. Your cells will love you for it.

4) Choose to take supplements. Every person is different for what they need. Pending your diet, your health, your exercise level, your sex, your age…everyone needs something different. A multi-vitamin, vitamin D, vitamin B (liquid), Omega-3’s are all pretty solid for everyone. But talk with your doctor. Find out what might be good for YOU to supplement your diet with.

5) Get a regular physical – every year. Yes – that’s right…every year. It’s just a check up and check in. Make sure all of your body that feels so right is just that. Men – go and do this. Call right now. Make an appointment. Your life is at stake here – go talk to your doctor.

6) Drink green tea every day. There are so many incredible benefits to this one from anti-oxidants to extending your life. And I also feel it takes everything down a notch when you’re drinking tea. So sit, brew, enjoy.

7) Reduce your meat consumption. I’m not going to preach for your to be a vegetarian. But, red meat – once a month is enough. And pork – you could go without it. Chicken – organic, you’re doing okay. Seafood – eat the sustainable, wild-caught goodness from the water more. At least three times a week.

8) Relax. Every day. Even if it’s for five minutes before you jump out of bed and five minutes before you fall asleep. Take the moments. Meditation or yoga are incredible for this tip. You need to do it. Stress is linked to almost every single disease…So chill out!!

9) Step away from the processed foods as much as possible. Yes, I am telling you that pop, fast food and meals that are pre-made are not good for you. If you look at the ingredients and don’t know what half the stuff is – you probably should not eat it. If an item has more than 9 grams of sugar in it per serving, it is a stepping stone to diabetes. Read labels. Cook. Eat whole foods that you know what they are and where they came from.

10) Laugh. Who doesn’t love a good, belly laugh? It is my absolute favorite part of my day when someone makes me laugh. Laughing to the point of crying – my favorite!! Do this more. It really feels as good as you remember.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips of wellness! Try to incorporate your favorites starting today!