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I love trying new fitness ‘everything’! Be it a new piece of equipment, a new gym or a new type of class, I love seeing what is new, what I can learn and how I can add pieces of each to my personal workouts. So it is not surprising that only three weeks into the new year, I have already tried three ‘new to me’ places. This week’s blog I will tell you about each and why I loved them all.

Prairie Roots

Located at 562 Academy Road, this second floor space has a wide variety of wellness and fitness options for the whole family. Five local Winnipeg women are on a mission to bring wellness and showcase the physical, mental and spiritual side of health. They have everything from Yoga to Zumba to Ass Class. I tried the Guided Mediation class with Janet Lewis. As a meditation virgin, I was intrigued. Janet took the group through a 45-minute meditation where she assisted us in calming our bodies and minds. Similar to yoga in the idea of always coming back to your breath, she made me feel at ease, mellow and relaxed. That was a terrific way to start a Sunday, with a calm mind and soul. For more information about Prairie Roots find them on Facebook or check out their website at

Shinobi Fitness

Located at 328 King Street with lots of free parking in the Exchange, I must admit I was slightly scared to try crossfit. It has an intimidation factor for some reason to me – not sure if it’s the people or the hardcore fitness factor, but I was scared. I tried an introductory course lead by owner Rich Thomas, which consisted of a group of eight women and two men, ranging in all ages, sizes and fitness levels. If you want to get in great shape, this will do it. Tons of squats which I love, and a workout that has a fitness-centered approach – strength, conditioning, speed, core. And without a doubt, I must say that owner Rich is perhaps one of the best trainers I have ever worked with in the gym. He really knows what he is talking about! He not only tells you what and how to do the moves but why. I have been doing squats for over 30 years and he gave me hints to make them better and in turn, cause less stress on my joints and increase my strength. Thirty years of working out and one hour with Rich made a difference. For more information about their classes and boot camps, find them on Facebook or check out their website at

Pilates Manitoba

Located at 390 Academy Road, I found Pilates Manitoba when looking for a pilates instructor for the high performance team with Manitoba Rowing. The Head Coach needed a program to increase the core strength of his athletes and build the base and stability muscles of the team. Owner Annabel Scott is really dedicated to her facility, pilates and her clients. Our one-hour classes lead by Tom for a ten-week session, started this part weekend and let me tell you – two days later I can still feel the workout over my entire core and upper body. The slight movements in pilates allow your body to focus on the smaller muscle groups that aid your larger muscle groups to be big movements. All high performance, dynamic athletes in the group – and we were all blown away with the difficulty of holding particular moves. An exceptional core workout, using various portable equipment pieces, including TR-X. I am really looking forward to these weekly classes. For more information about Pilates Manitoba and their wide variety of classes to suit all fitness levels, check out their website at

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