Food Synergy


When choosing food, it is really important to know what foods work best together for your digestion. Not only does combining food groups aid with your digestion or halter it, but combining certain foods can bring out the best properties of the food to the forefront. Below are a few examples I find easy to mix, but this is truly just the icing on the cake. When you start to do your research on food combining or ‘food synergy’, there truly is a ton of information out there for you to learn.

When it comes to meat, try your best to avoid it with starches. The ever-popular ‘meat and potato’ diet can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Instead, try them both separately with vegetables. Vegetables can be eaten with everything and anything, together or by themselves. They truly do a body good. And when it comes to fruit, it should be eaten all on its own.

At this time of year, if you are like me, you probably have a million and one tomatoes coming in from the garden. Combining tomatoes with avocado not only tastes great, but also brings the lycopene in tomatoes out for best absorption in your intestines. And when you combine it with broccoli, the cancer-fighting substances in both veggies work best.

Beats are also a plenty at this time of year, and they combine really well with chickpeas. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin B6, which helps the body absorb magnesium in magnesium-rich foods like beets. I personally love beats, and love them even more for how they help my digestive system stay working strong.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times – drink more green tea! And while you’re at it, squeeze a little fresh lemon into your tea. The vitamin C in lemons allows the body to absorb antioxidants that are found in green tea.

Lemon really is great with almost everything, and that includes giving it a squeeze onto your kale. Again, the high dose of vitamin C found in lemons makes plant-based iron (which is high in foods like kale) more absorbable in the body. Iron is a great supplement especially for women for a host of reasons, so the more creative ways to add it into your daily ritual, the better.

Those are a few of my favorite ways to have foods work better together. There is so much information out there for you to learn from and try to work into your daily routine. Hopefully these few tips will work well for you!