Goal Setting 101


Goal setting helps us determine our priorities, make big decisions, and realize our dreams. To achieve what we want in life we have to set our sights on exactly what it is that we want. Determining what we want is the first step on how to get to where you want to go – a definition of what your success looks like. Whether it be a life goal (to be happy and healthy), a career goal (to be rich and successful) or a fitness goal (to be in the best shape of your life) you have to set a concrete definition of what all of this looks like. What is “rich” to you? What is “healthy”? Determine this and then align them with some numbers. This way when you achieve your desired result, it will be easy to measure and pinpoint success.

After determining what the ultimate goal, break down the goal into manageable and realistic steps on how to get there. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon and you haven’t ran more than one mile, set a smaller, more short-term goal – such as running a 5K race. This way you will be more likely to achieve the goal and provide positive reinforcement to help you move forward with success to your next goal – maybe 10K – working towards your end goal of the marathon.

To help you stay on track, it is also advised to set a deadline or time line for your ultimate or “dream” goal and work backwards for your smaller stepping stone goals. Ensure that these are realistic to set yourself up for smalls “wins” working toward the end goal.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your goals periodically. If you are working toward your ultimate goal and it turns out that a stepping stone goal isn’t being completed by the time you had pre-determined, it’s ok. Give yourself the flexibility to adjust as needed. Without flexibility you may set yourself up for frustration or to give up.

Once you have done the work to set your goals, communicate them. Share with others what you want to achieve. Not only will this make you accountable but will also provide you with support and encouragement from others.

Finally remember that no goal is too lofty. Dream BIG. If you believe you can do something, you will. Set plans to take the logical steps to make it happen. Surround yourself with others that believe in you and are positive sources of encouragement.

The great thing about life is we can have every single thing that we can think of and dream of with a positive and welcoming mindset. We can create, be, have and do anything that we set our minds and hearts to. Now go set that dream goal. Do it – now!

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