Gym Pet Peeves – how to be a better gym rat!

Woman Lifting WeightWe all have them…those pet peeves that drive us BONKERS that other people do at the gym. So in the spirit of trying to make the gym the best place on earth, we thought we would put a list of gym pet peeves together so that you can be sure you’re not a culprit! And if you have someone who is doing ANY of these things in your life…PLEASE do us all a favor and share this blog post with them! I, and the rest of gym goers, will be eternally grateful.

  1. The Smelly Guy! I’m not sure if it’s something in your diet, the lack of good hygiene or perhaps you don’t wash your gym gear in between workouts, but whatever it is, it makes it really hard for any of us to be around! We’re breathing heavy in there and your rotten egg smell is killing it!
  2. The Over Done Make-Up Girl. If I see one more girl wearing fake eyelashes and full Saturday night make-up in the gym, I may have a heart attack. How is your skin breathing under there? Take it down a notch please!
  3. The Grunter. If you are curling 100 pounds per arm for your bicep curls, yes a grunt is needed and allowed. If you are lifting normal amounts of weight, I don’t need to hear about it OVER my earphones! Breath don’t grunt. Please.
  4. The Messy Guy. Put your equipment away when you are done with it. I don’t want to put it away nor trip over it, and it’s just being rude to your fellow worker-outers. Clean up after yourself!
  5. The Chatter Box. Yes, I get it…you want to talk because we haven’t seen each other in a while (or ever), but I’m here to workout. And when you insist on telling me your life story in between sets it takes me back to square one.
  6. Mr. Tips. I’m all for someone giving me a tip if they feel they are qualified to do so. But if that’s your lame attempt at picking up girls, let me tell you – it really doesn’t work. We know how to workout – we don’t need your pick up moves to help us with our squats. Beat it.
  7. Bad Form Guy. If you have to basically do a back bend to do a bicep curl because the weight is too heavy, stop it. You can easily use lighter weight and avoid injury. You’re going to hurt yourself…and you’re not fooling anyone that you’re He-Man.
  8. The Smoker. If you are butting out on your way in, or lighting up as soon as you reach fresh air, you’re dumb. Smoking will kill you and it is the nastiest thing to breath in for us non-smokers anywhere close to a fitness facility. You wreak. Butt out!
  9. The Sports Bra Girl. Perhaps there’s a hint of jealousy that you can wear a sports bra and booty shorts and have no qualms about it, but most of us are thinking your ass is going to fall out or you forgot to put your shirt on. It’s not THAT hot in here and you’re not working out THAT hard that you have to go shirtless.
  10. The Circle Jerk. This I find most often in university or college gyms. When you and four buddies all decide you want to workout together, you monopolize equipment and space for way too long and spend most of your time chatting and waiting on each other to “lift more”. Break it up. You’re in the way and driving us nuts.

Hope this rant of gym definite don’t’s has you laughing. And please let us know if we have missed any!


The Fit Comm Girls

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