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When we first set out to start Fit Communications two years ago, our plan was simple – spread the word of health every day. In today’s ever-changing marketing and communications world, this objective could spread like wild fire. We began to see how many companies and organizations were in the area of health and wellness, many of who needed help spreading the word about their positive message of health. But what do marketing and health really have in common?

If you are on social media, the information out there about the topic of health can be at times overwhelming. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, various blogs and other platforms, the amount of information can be exhausting! But if you change your mindset from exhausting to a learning opportunity, the messaging can be tremendously helpful.

The thing about marketing is this – whether you are selling the next U2 album or looking to increase student numbers at a university, the principles remain the same. Figure out what your company or organization’s unique selling proposition is. What can YOU say that NONE of your competition can? Is it price? Service? A unique product? It is important to really be able to say something that nobody else can say.

Once you can pinpoint this unique selling proposition, your brand can begin to come to life. Telling the true, authentic story about who you are and what you represent. What do your customers or clients really think of you? This is not the message you WANT them to think, rather the reality of it all. Your brand elements, logo, tagline, and messaging should all evoke a feeling of truth amongst your wide range of audiences.

The same speaks for companies in the area of health. Let’s take a fitness facility for example. There are so many options to choose from, but what can your gym offer that not everyone else is doing? It has to be more than just location – the day that a competitor pops up next door, you’re done. Do you have unique equipment? Classes? Style of training? And what makes your yoga studio or cross fit gym better and/or different than your competition? And once you have nailed that down, you need to test it on your customers. Does it feel right to them? Do they have a sense of connection with your brand promise?

Whether you are selling nutrition supplements, gym memberships, or trying to gain more exposure for your nutrition blog, providing great content, products and a service that your customers and viewers can connect with is key. Utilizing a strategic marketing and communications company like us can really help you get through the noise of mass messaging and key in to your goals and objectives.

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