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It is no secret that the business of health is at an all-time high. Whether it be the latest trends in diet and nutrition, the latest craze in workouts and fitness, or the newest fad for mental health, it is a big business. And it’s growing each and everyday. There seems to always be a new diet or fitness trend that people are jumping on board with. We have seen yoga take off since Lululemon became a household name. Barre classes have become a hit over the past 3 years or so. I think many of these classes and crazes seem to get attention and have become more popular than just hitting the gym for some cardio.

While we wish that the increased focus on health in Canada was resulting in healthy Canadians, it is not. More Canadians – adults and children – are more overweight or obese more than ever. Our rate of cancer is now 1 in every 3 people. Our visits to the hospital are higher now than ever before.

There is an obvious disconnect. There are a plethora of businesses doing great things in terms of promoting health, wellness, nutrition and fitness.  However, many of these businesses don’t have the tools within their organization or skill set to adequately promote the good that they are doing. We are not talking about larger businesses such as Shapes or Good Life Fitness that have extensive marketing budgets. These businesses are sometimes smaller ’boutique-style’ gyms or yoga studios, health food stores or health practitioners and cannot afford the large price tag that comes along with large advertising and marketing firms.

That is where we come in. Our lives have been focused on sport, fitness, health and wellness ever since we can remember. We have combined this passion with our work to form Fit Communications. We know that you don’t have to spend $50,000 on an advertising campaign to do marketing. There are lots of guerrilla marketing tactics local businesses can use to get started.

We utilize healthy marketing to help businesses in the niche area of sport, fitness, health and wellness get their message out. Our idea being that they are doing such a great thing to help people become healthier, let us give them ideas and plans on how to get more people coming through the door.

Our hope is that through our communications and creative ways to spread the messages of these businesses to Winnipegers, we will be creating happy, healthy, engaged communities.

So if you know of a small business doing great things that may need our help, please let them know about us.  We’d love to have a chat!




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