How to Grow Your Fitness Business


Whether you are a crossfit gym, boutique gym, kickboxing gym or yoga studio, you are in the business of fitness.

Because these fitness businesses rely on repeat business, marketing is important to make new customers aware of you and keep current customers coming back. You need to develop a marketing strategy and consider ways that you can reach potential customers to increase membership and build your brand recognition.

Here are some ideas to try:

Free Trial.

This is a great way to get people in the door. Most people prefer to “try” before they “buy”. This is especially true with fitness centres. Many people are unsure of what to expect and may be intimidated by such facilities. Offering a free trial allows people to use the facilities without making a commitment first. They will see how great the workout or experience is and will be able to time, they will be able to work your gym into their routine and be more likely to purchase a full membership. During the trial, you can have your staff promote how fabulous your facility is!

For a fitness business, a website is an important introduction to the facilities and services you offer. Customers have a chance to check out the facility without the time and effort of coming in. Because most people look up facilities on-line, a website is often your only chance to catch a customer’ attention. Include pages that introduce the classes, trainers and instructors and perhaps have a blog with posts about health and fitness topics.

If you have a website, does your website work for you? Does it flow? Does it make sense for your business? Does your copy hit home? Is there too much information or too little? We can help with all of this. From starting from scratch or revising an existing website. Make the most of your website as it is today’s business card.

Social Media.

Customers will often look first at the places that come to mind immediately when looking for a fitness facility or business. Have them know your business by getting their attention using social media. Create profiles and accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to reach people across a wide range of ages and locations.  However, not all platforms may be right for your business. Also, if you don’t know how to do any of this, or how to make it work well for your business, we can help! Using social media to grow your business isn’t as simple as just setting up a profile and posting once a week. You will likely have to do it much more often to be effective. You need to have a strategy.

Keep Customers Happy.

Once you have customers or clients, keep them happy. Engage them with new promotions or classes. Use the power of their networks through a referral program and ask them to follow your business on their social media. Both referral programs and word of mouth marketing need a strategy. You can’t simply expect people to refer your business. You have to have a plan in order to create this environment. Again, we can help!

We are in the business of helping fitness and sport businesses grow. We started our company because we have a passion for this and the experience in marketing to help these businesses reach their goals. If you need help getting any of these ideas implemented, give us a call. We’re super nice!

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