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2015 is the Year of Women In Sport! This is music to our ears at Fit Communications. We are passionate about getting young girls and women involved in fitness and sport for life. As such, we are excited to promote other organizations that are doing great things in this area. Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing (WWK) is one of those organizations. WWK is on a mission to get girls back into high-level fitness and sport.

Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing, Winnipeg’s ONLY all-women’s kickboxing gym, is opening its doors to girls ages 5-16 for an 8-week summer kickboxing program beginning July 2, 2015. Trisha Sammons (two-time winner of the Canadian National Muay Thai and Kickboxing Title) found a gap in fitness opportunities for young girls in Winnipeg and set forth to do something about it.

Girls are two times more likely to drop out of sports by the age of 14 than their male counterparts. This is due to a lack of access, lack of positive role models, social stigma, cost and decreased quality of experience (Source: Fast and Female). This gap has motivated Sammons to create a fitness and self defense program for girls with hopes in changing this trend.

This 8-week program not only increases overall fitness and health, but also teaches self-defense and increases self-confidence. This program has been running since the Spring of 2014 for girls in this age category. Sammons, as Head Coach, has seen exceptional improvement in the skill-set and overall self-confidence of the group.

If a young girl or teen in your life is looking for a new, fun and challenging way to be active this summer, try this kickboxing class. Join with a friend or on your own and meet new friends! Registration is now open!

Class Details:

Boys and Girls Ages 5 -10 years old. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4 – 5pm
Girls ages 11 – 16 years old. Monday through Thursday, 6 – 7pm and Sundays 11 – 12pm
Cost: $200 per student for both above programs
Location: 1777 Portage Avenue – St. James

Contact Trisha at 204.930.6780 to register.

Visit WWK on Facebook at Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing – WWK

Media Links:

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