Kickboxing Packing a Punch for Girls in Winnipeg


This week one of our clients, Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing (WWK), is being featured in the local media television, print and radio for their innovative concept around female fitness. With seven years of success under their belts, WWK is the only all women’s kickboxing gym in Winnipeg. And for the first time ever has opened their doors to girls ages 11-14 for kickboxing classes.

By age 14 girls are two times more likely to drop out of sports due to a lack of access to sporting opportunities, social stigma, decreased quality of experience, cost, and lack of positive role models. Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing hopes to change this. This friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere now has females as young as 11 and up to 55 training at the facility. All body shapes and sizes, fitness levels and goals from getting back into shape to those fighting across the continent.

Trisha Sammons, two-time National Muay Thai Champion and head trainer at WWK started in the sport at the age of 21. It brought fitness, self-defense, a new way to meet friends and self-confidence to her life. She wishes there was an opportunity to have started at the age of 11, so is excited about the opportunity to bring it to Winnipeg, to girls of all ages.

Self-esteem for girls and women is such a volatile area, and the team at Fit Communications understands this well. As both high-level national or international athletes at one time, we recognize that this learned knowledge of social skills, how your body works and teaching your mind that you can do anything truly can come from sport. And in-so learning comes self-esteem and confidence based on things other than simply how you look.

Winnipeg Women’s Kickboxing is located at 1777 Portage Avenue, and has classes seven days a week, both day time and in the evening. If you are interested in getting involved at any age in kickboxing, call Trisha Sammons at 204.930.6780.

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