Local Food Scene Expanding in Coops


On May 8 and 9 Buy Manitoba launched 17 food products made right here in Manitoba in three Red River Coop Ltd stores for a terrific local extravaganza. Southdale, St. Vital and Grant Park Red River Coops will now carry 17 locally produced food products. Not only is this a great initiative for these Red River Coop locations being new to Winnipeg, but it truly showcases the supportive nature of the Manitoba government and the Buy Manitoba brand to local food producers.

At Fit Communications, we are huge supporters of the local food industry. Our kitchens are filled with some of our Manitoba favorites. The food producers in Manitoba tend to be very passionate foodies, and utilize local, real ingredients in their goods. This week’s blog I wanted to share with you some of our favorite Manitoba-made products that you can now purchase at Red River Coops.

Perfect Pierogies – if you’re in Manitoba, a few things you definitely know are socials, lake country and pierogies. Perfect Pierogies come in five different flavors of deliciousness – Cottage Cheese, Sauerkraut, Potato and Cheddar, Spinach and Feta and their newest addition, Spicy Chili. All made with Manitoba-grown potatoes, cooked with garlic for a delicious taste, and sautéed with only real onions – nothing dried or powdered. The addition of sour cream to the dough creates a soft tender pocket for the filling. With zero trans-fats and no salt added, they are delicious.

Bessie’s Best
– this girl brings more energy and enthusiasm to the local Manitoba food industry than anyone I have ever met. And even better? Her Award-winning Mediterranean dips and sauces. All of her products are hand made, natural, organic and gluten free. And did I mention delicious?! You can always find Bessie at the local farmers markets as well, showcasing her seasonal products. Keep your eye on this girl – her dips and sauces will be a household name one day!

Dairy Fairy – these traditional European cheeses are all made right here in Manitoba from local cow’s milk, and promise a delicious, healthy product. This delectable and diverse cheese is great for baking cookies, breads, crepes and perogies. As an alternative to goat’s cheese or feta, it can be used on top of salads, in a sandwich or sprinkled on pasta. With lots of flavors to choose from, you should definitely have some on your next cheese plate.

Danny’s Whole Hog BBQ and Smokehouse – unless you live under a rock, you definitely know Danny and his thumbs up! Not only is Danny a person who is always giving back to the community, but he puts more passion into his food than imaginable. Always coming up with new products for his customers to try, Danny brings tastiness to everything. Danny’s Pork Turkey and BBQ Sauces are now available at the Red River Coops. Seriously – go get some!

Rawnata – I have been enjoying the wonderful products from Rawnata for over two years, and truly can’t get enough. These raw seed, functional ingredient hemp snackers and flax crackers maximize nutritional content and flavor. These might be my favorite local product…made with love and health in mind, I would strongly encourage everyone to pick up a package and try them soon. They bring a flavor and taste to your mouth like no other.

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