Magisto – Review


I love my iPhone. Yes, I have been known to have my “opinions” about technology. Normally, my negative opinions about it relate to advances in war and weaponry and a lack of face to face communications and abuses committed to others via the internet etc…

What I love about technology includes the ability to connect with those far from us and to capture images and share them with loved ones. My latest discovery that I am in love with is the app called Magisto. In fact, my new nickname is “Spielberg”!

Magisto is a free app available on your iPhone (or Android). Magisto allows you to create your own personal one-minute movies. There are two ways to make a movie: either shoot a video from scratch i.e. totally new video footage you take at the time you go into the app OR select footage already on your phone. The free app is limited to shorter videos with limited number of clips allowed. Like most apps, you can upgrade to allow for more images and videos allowed. For this, there is a monthly fee OR a one time fee.

To select footage already on your phone, you simply select a number of photos and short videos from your library. Magisto organizes it for you based on date. So, if you are looking to make a movie of Gramma’s 80th birthday party, you would go to the date of the party and select from there. Once you have selected your images and videos you are ready for the next step. You need to select at least 5 video clips or 15 pictures.

Next step is to go to the Editing Style. Here you select what mood, theme or music you would like to accompany your visuals. Once these are selected, you must title your movie. That’s it!

Once your movie is made, you can save it to your camera roll. You can also share it via text, email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

The only down-sides to this app are that you cannot select exactly what portions of videos you upload are used. Also, if your picture has multiple people in it, you can’t choose what part of the picture or who is the focus.

Overall, this is a fantastic app. Not only is this a fun thing to create but it is also a way to enhance cherished memories. So now there is no excuse why you, too, can’t be a “film maker”!

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