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girls_sportsOne of the reasons we started Fit Communications is because we truly believe in the power of sport. We believe that participating in sport gives back so much more than the actual cost of participating. It provides so many fabulous life skills and skills to develop a holistic self. Leadership, cooperation, dedication, loyalty, confidence, teamwork, determination, time management, goal setting and the list goes on. This is why sports are so great and why we want to help sports spread the word of their great work and fantastic programs.

Whether your sport is gymnastics or speed skating, table tennis or diving, marketing is essential for growth and development of your sport or club. However it is not as simple as just knowing this. It is important to build this into your budget just as you would for coaching or facilities.

Unfortunately many amateur sports either don’t build marketing into their annual budget or if they do, don’t have a strategic plan on how to best utilize their funds or reach their target audiences.

Marketing is more than just paid advertisements. It is more than just flyers and or placing an ad in the local community paper. Marketing is utilizing a variety of mediums to not only build awareness of your sport and brand but also to increase membership.

Many sports and clubs are run by volunteer boards or staff that may not necessarily have a marketing background. Therefore it is difficult for these people to make the best decisions regarding what to spend marketing money on and where or when. In addition, they may not realize that there are a vast number of non-traditional forms of marketing that could not only be more effective but are also a better way to reach their target customer.

It is so important to have a strategy behind your marketing plan. You need to be armed to the best of your ability because we all know that there is a lot of competition out there. There are approximately 75 different sports or leisure activities that parents and kids/youth can choose from. Within each of those 75 are usually multiple clubs that offer similar services. So why choose yours? This is where we can help!

For all of the reasons above, we know that amateur sports and clubs need our help. We have so many ideas, experience and expertise on how to get your message of greatness to the masses. And such, increase enrollment or whatever your goal is!

If you are an amateur sport club or group and need help in this area, give us a call. We’re super nice!

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