Why Market to Women


Women are a serious force. Gone are the days of needing your boyfriend to change your tire, sitting pretty in pink, and being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We are not only changing tires, we’re buying more cars than men (women influence up to 80% of all car purchases). We’re not sitting and let life happen to us, we’re taking it by the horns. Black is so the new pink. And almost half of the North American workforce is female. 

We’re making buying decisions. In fact, we’re making most of them. 85% of all consumer purchases are made by women, and women purchase over 50% of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products and consumer electronics. Women make 70% of all travel decisions. And roughly 75% of women identified themselves as the primary shoppers for their households. 

So…is YOUR business marketing to women? And if you answered yes, how do you know you are doing it RIGHT? 

Because there’s a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. 91% of women say that advertisers DO NOT understand them and 59% of women feel misunderstood by food marketers! 

If 91% of your customers say you’re talking to them in the wrong language…are you really do it right? 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Our Co-Founders Andrea and Alli both have Sociology and Psychology degrees, which means they understand why people do what they do, and why society does what it does. They also have diplomas in Business and Public Relations. So we get how to take it to market. 

Whether you are looking to sell cars to more women, increase female members at your gym, or sell more of your food or beverage products to women, we are the team to do it. Give us a call…we’re super nice!