Nutrition Workshops

Our Co-Founder, Andrea Katz, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. Here you can find information on her virtual nutrition and health workshops. Spots are limited so reserve your spot early to get the most out of each session.


Upcoming Workshops:

1. January Group Coaching Program 

Join me in January of 2023 for the launch of the Best You Nutrition Group Coaching Program. You will be placed in a group of (maximum) 10 women with similar nutrition and health goals and concerns as you. These sessions will be led by Andrea, although very interactive so we can learn and grow as a healthy community. We will learn based on the needs of the group, but learning areas to include but not limited to:

– Anti-Inflammatory Diet
– Grocery Store & Food Shopping Knowledge
– Fat Loss & Stress Management
– Longevity
– Superfooding Your Life
…And much more!

Let’s take the first step by filling out the Group Coaching Questionnaire here.

*Date and time slot options will vary based on which group is best suited for you. Current options include:
Tuesdays, 11am CST
Thursdays, 12pm CST
Sundays 9:30am CST

*Investment – $264 for all 6 weeks! What is included? See here! 

2. Women’s Wellness Event 2023 

On January 14, 2023, from 1 – 3 PM, join us at Sir John Franklin Community Centre in Winnipeg for an afternoon of health, wellness and inspiration. Featuring motivational speaker and Olympic Silver Medalist Janine Stephens, who will inspire you and help propel you toward your 2023 goals and dreams. Shauna Muldrew, of Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching, will take you through a workout that will get you sweating and educate you on the importance and benefits of strength training specifically for women. Next Andrea Katz, of Best You Nutrition, will lead you through a nutrition session focusing on hormone health and how the foods we choose can help balance hormones throughout our lives. We will cap off the afternoon with a destressing yoga session that will leave you blissfully inspired.

For more information and tickets, please see HERE.

Future workshops include…

2. Digestive Health – do you suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut, food intolerances or allergies? Is your anxiety and stress level feeling like it is becoming more of an issue? Our digestive system has 70% of our immune system in it and 95% of our dopamine (think ‘feel good’ hormones) is made right in our digestive system. If your digestive system isn’t working in tip top shape, you NEED to attend this workshop. A clean digestive system and strong immune system are the keys to a healthy life, increased energy and longevity. Ready to get started?

3. How to Lose the First 20 Pounds – are you ready to start your weight loss journey but don’t really know where to start? I don’t blame you. With all of the fad diets and promises from weight loss companies out there it is so confusing. What if I told you that calories in and calories out is not going to work? What if taking into consideration your entire system – mind, body and soul is the way to lose it for good? This workshop will walk you through the real blocks and help you understand your body to get started on a weight loss plan that will have you excited and finding success!

4. Hormone Balancing for Women – In this one hour workshop I will talk about balancing hormones with the foods we choose to eat and those we should avoid. Some simple adjustments to our food and lifestyle choices can make all the difference. With science-backed nutrition suggestions, this workshop will have you walking away with the best tactical things YOU can do to get your hormones in balance. The goal is to help women gain hands-on knowledge on how to best serve their bodies with food and gain their energy back that may be lacking due to hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance symptoms can include unexplained weight gain, acne breakouts, fatigue, changes in sex drive, depression, joint pain and irritability. Ensuring women are understanding what role nutrition plays in the balancing of her hormones is key.

This Workshop will also look at the role of cortisol, the stress hormone, on our bodies and how it relates to weight gain, sleep issues and overall health and wellness. We will also touch on what foods women should eat and which to avoid for a healthier period.

If you are interested in any of the above Workshops or a FREE nutrition consultation, reserve your spot today with Andrea via email or phone at or 204.770.2203.