Ode to Canada!

Canada Flag

With Canada Day behind us, I, like many Canadians have had the opportunity to reflect upon what it means to be Canadian.

To me, being Canadian means so many things.  These are a few of the things of which I am most proud and grateful.

– Personal freedom – to travel, freedom of expression, freedom to marry who you want, freedom to choose how to dress, what religion to follow, what political party to support

– Laws to protect our citizens – Privacy laws, Laws against theft, white collar crime, rape, marital violence, child pornography, and the list goes on

– ‘Progressive’ and ‘progressing’ equality of all peoples – acknowledgment and fair treatment to people of all ethnicities, religions, gender, age, sexual orientation, social economic status

– Education – everyone in Canada has the opportunity to receive a free education to grade 12

– Health care –   If you are bleeding, you can get free stiches; if you break your leg, you receive a free exam, x-ray and cast.  In even the worst cases, that require an overnight or multiple overnight stays, it is of no “cash out of pocket” to you

– Access to food, clean drinking water, electricity, hydro, heat, air conditioning and alike

– Nature! Thousands of miles of natural forest, prairies and habitat

– More Nature! Thousands of lakes, rivers, streams and falls

– Social media – we are allowed to conduct and participate in this technology in Canada

– Media – permission to report, watch, read

– Great beer

– Better wine

– Qualities we are known for as a country: Polite, Respectful, Thoughtful, Generous, Smart, Funny

– Stable government and voting rights

– Armed forces – to protect us and those that need our help

– B.C. Salmon and other world renowned resources and products

– Newfie accents

– Canadian girls

– Fisheries

– Seasons that build our character

– Incredible musicians – Leonard Cohen, Celine Dion, Neil Young, B.T.O., The Watchmen, The Hip, David Foster


– Hockey

– Amateur sports

– Terry Fox, Dan Akroyd, David Suzuki, Jim Carrey, Mike Meyers, G.S.P., Michael J. Fox, Rick Hansen

– Alberta mountains

– Saskatoon’s bridges

– The Kids in the Hall

– Winnipegger’s humour

Finally, I am most proud to be a Canadian because I became a Canadian because of a smart decision my great-grandfather D.L. made.  He decided to leave Russia to bring his family to Canada for a better life.  Thank you D.L.!  I know how fortunate my entire family and extended family are because of this courageous and selfless move that you made so many years ago.