Olivia ‘The Predator’ Gerula to Fight in Montreal


Winnipeg’s own two-time world boxing champion Olivia “The Predator” Gerula will be lacing up her gloves once again, on January 21st in Montreal, Quebec against Lucia Larcinese. Although there is no title of the line, these two powerhouse fighters will be meeting each other in the ring, and fighters’ pride is definitely on the line.

After a devastating loss at the October 22nd High Stakes Havoc fight card in Winnipeg against Ohio’s Carla Torres for the WIBA World Title, Olivia has been back to work at Elite Boxing & MMA with Coaches Kent Brown and brother Kelly Brown, refining her skills and working angles. Gerula is dead set on earning a rematch. Her ‘predator’ nature had her rushing in and smothering Torres’ punches in the first round. Gerula admits it was definitely not her best performance but is still at a loss about the fight overall.

Gerula is coming into her 19th year of professional boxing around the world, and her experience and talent is what keeps her on top. Coach Brown has stressing on Gerula to find her range and to stay in the pocket for the Montreal fight card this Thursday night.

Olivia’s goal for the sport of boxing has been clear since day one – she wants to leave a lasting impression on the sport of women’s professional boxing. From her fights around the world to breaking boundaries for women in sport to making boxing history, she is well on her way.

Wishing Olivia best of luck this week in Montreal! Can’t wait to see you on top again!

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