Changing The World One Prosthetic at a Time


Sometimes in life someone or something crosses your path that can change you to your core. I want to share that experience with you in this week’s blog. It is called Prosthetics For Foreign Donation Inc (PFFD). Myself as Director of Marketing and Communications, along with Tina Opaleke, Founder and CEO, and Dele Opaleke, Media and Creative Director, have founded this incredible charity.

At PFFD, our life purpose is for all people to have complete mobility despite of geographical location. We aim to provide equal access to opportunities that contribute to children’s well being, and the betterment of the commUNITY. It has become our mission through PFFD is to acquire donations, both financial and prosthetic donations, and distribute them around the globe to under-developed nations with immediate need. We want every man, woman and child to be able to walk, run, jump, write their name and novel stories regardless of their country location.

In Canada, prosthetic can cost anywhere from $3000 – $12,000 per prosthetic. Growing children need a new prosthetic every 6 – 12 months. These then gently used prosthetic become a collection in the homes of those with the disability. We aim to distribute these gently used prosthetic to those who have not been graced with the fortune of living in a country who can support their physical need. The gift of mobility comes wrapped with independence and a renewed sense of dignity. And by donating to PFFD you can be a part of this vision.

We are working diligently at spreading the word and growing awareness about our charity. We are looking to connect with organizations and individuals across Canada who can donate their gently used prosthetic and mobility aids. We are received numerous prosthetic, wheelchairs, crutches etc…but it is only just the beginning. We aim to bring large donations to one country each year, where we have partnered with clinics in those countries that are in the most urgent of need. We are also raising funds to cover the costs of bringing the prosthetic directly to the clinics, as well as provide the clinics with cash donations to use as they so desperately need.

So if you’re inspired and want to help there are four main ways to do so. First, financial donations can be made here – DONATE. All donations over $20 will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Secondly, should you or anyone you know have donations of prosthetic, please let us know. The more the merrier. Third, help us build awareness for this exceptional charity by sharing this blog post on your Facbook or Twitter account, or by liking our Facebook page.

Lastly, join us at our first fundraiser being held in Winnipeg on Wednesday, May 7 from 7 – 10pm at Casablanca Restaurant. Tickets are only $10, and there will be plenty of prizes to be won and fun to be had. Full event details can be found here!

Each day we get so bogged down with our own lives, issues and concerns. This work has inspired me to step out of my SELF and see how lucky I am to live the way I do, be surrounded by the loving people in my life, and the countless blessings I have each day. It has provided me with a goal that I can truly see is going to change the world. It sends shivers up my spine when I think about what we can do with love and inspiration. As my dear friend Tina Opaleke says “I cry because I have no shoes, but what of the man with no feet.”

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