Let’s be honest…the weather in western Canada has not been cooperating. And if you’re an outdoorsy kinda gal like us – this is torture! I really just want to get on my bike, go for a run outside without ice, play with the kids at the park – you name it, I can’t wait. But complaining about it really isn’t helping the situation. If you take to Facebook or Twitter, it is all too often that people are complaining about it all – and it isn’t bringing summer in any faster. So, it’s time for a perspective change.

This past weekend, I was really yearning for some summer activity. It wasn’t warm enough, but I figured if I pretend it is, maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel that summer vibe again. So I woke up, but my bathing suit on, wrapped a sarong on and mulled about my house all morning. No more sweats and hoodies and sweaters and boots – a bathing suit felt incredible! Eventually I did have to leave the house, so I jumped in my car, rolled the window down a smidge, and off to get my favorite summer time treat – a slurpee. What else tastes so good on a hot summer day? My perspective was shifting – I felt warmer inside and out.

As I ran my errands for the day, I listened to Bob Marley all day. I feel reggae brings out that summer energy that we all love. With this new summer energy I couldn’t help but buy a new sundress – I need them with all this beautiful weather on our doorstep! The tides are changing. I really did manage to make myself feel better about the weather – although it still wasn’t any different, my take on it has shifted.

That’s the great thing about life. It really is all about your perspective on things. You can wake up every day and create the life you dream of. You can choose to see things in a great light. You can build the relationships that foster this positive energy. It’s up to you. Allow your perspective to make your life into the beautiful reality you dream of. It really is all up to you.