Spice Up Your Life

Selection of spices . The Spice Bazaar , Istanbul , Turkey

I recall as a kid seeing the television commercials for the infamous ‘Book of Home Remedies’…for those of you who were born in the 70’s you will remember this fondly. Back then the book was a bit of a joke as so many television products were and still are. But fast-forward thirty years, here I am about to write a blog about some of my favorite so-called home remedies. I love how life comes full circle at times – makes me have grateful faith in the universe.

I feel our best medicine is through the foods that we eat – don’t wait until you’re sick, rather be proactive with nutritious, clean, whole foods and the world is your oyster. Here are a few healing herbs and spices your can reach for in your kitchen rather than your medicine cabinet:

Oregano – helps soothe an aching tummy

Mint – say good-bye to hiccups with a few bites of this fresh herb

Ginger – so many amazing things for your body from a natural detoxifyer to being an anti-nausea remedy

Garlic – again another incredible gift from the earth…and is a natural antiseptic to boot!

Fenugreek – helps flush out harmful toxins

Fennel – can reduce body odor and bad breath issues

Sage – antiseptic and antibiotic…a real double duty

Thyme – relaxes your respiratory muscles…sounds like a great anti-stress herb to me!

Tumeric – my personal favorite. This puppy is full of anti-cancer properties

Basil – helps soothe an upset tummy

Black Pepper – helps relieve indigestion

Cayenne – this spice is great at helping you lose weight and is great for your heart is you can handle the hotness!

Cinnamon – a million and one benefits here, but the most proven is that it helps lower blood pressure

Dill – great for your digestion by treating heartburn and gas…reach for dill for both ends

Rosemary – an herb full of anti-oxidants, and we could all use more of those

So there you have it friends! A few little treats that will help your body when it needs it. There are so many natural ways to keep you body healthy, so try to reach for an herb jar before the pill bottle next time you have an ache or two!