Spreading the Word of Health Everyday – via our Facebook Group!

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At Fit Communications, we are in the business of “healthy marketing”. What that means is that we are communications and marketing professionals that specialize in the niche area of sport, fitness, health and wellness. We want to help companies and organizations that are in these areas of business promote all the good that they are doing and build their business. Whether it be design, marketing and communications planning, advertising plans and creative, or guerilla marketing techniques such as events, newsletters and social media, Fit Communications is THE go-to team for your healthy business.

Whether it is a health food or supplements store, yoga studio, amateur sport club or boutique gym, we know how to market it! We have extensive backgrounds in healthy living and lifestyle, and have coupled this background with our education and work experience to create Fit Communications.

We want to spread the word of health every day. We want Manitobans and Canadians to be the healthiest they can be. We know that so many people and their businesses share this passion, however, they may not know how to โ€œget the word outโ€. That is where we come in. We want these businesses to thrive because we share similar philosophies, passions and goals.

As a part of our goal to spread the word of health and support our community, we have created a Facebook Group.

The Fit Communications – Healthy Marketing & Business Group is for individuals & businesses in the business world of health. Our aim is to have a place where like-minded business professionals can come and share ideas, events, discussion and work together to help spread the word of health each and every day. We want this Group to be a place to come find out information on nutrition, fitness, community and various other health related pieces.

If you are already a member of this group, please feel free to add any of your health conscious and business savvy friends to the group. We want to ensure it is a place to spread great information while promoting what YOU are up to. If you are not yet a member, here in the link to get yourself started – https://www.facebook.com/groups/492001384261580/. Join Us!

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