Staying Positive

Woman Lifting Weight

In Winnipeg, at the moment, given our current weather situation, I find I am hearing a lot of negativity.  Perhaps it is due to the weather.  Perhaps the weather is just the “icing on the cake”.  Regardless, I am feeling this energy surround me.

It is times like these that I need to remind me to stay positive.  Part of staying positive is comparing what is happening now, in the current situation, with something more “serious” or negative.  Is the weather now is Winnipeg ideal? No.  Do we want to see snow in May? No.  However is it really that terrible?  No.    This really is NOT that bad.  With all other positive things about living in Winnipeg and Canada aside (peace, electricity, good quality of life, freedom) consider our local yearly weather… Compare it to January’s blizzard with minus thirty temperatures.  THAT was bad!

Part of staying positive has to do with surrounding yourself with positive people.  It is easy for the nay-sayers of the world to wreak havoc on our positive energy.  This skepticism and negativity stops many people from taking chances and following their dreams.  I believe you should DREAM BIG.  If you fail, so what?  At least you tried.

In a difficult time in my life, I had a hard time looking at the glass being half full rather than half empty.  I was disillusioned and negative and depressed.  A good friend of mine gave me advice that I will never forget.    He told me to surround myself with happy and positive people.  It seemed like a “no-brainer” but I hadn’t really considered what a conscious decision this was.  Not only was it a conscious decision, but to choose positive, happy people in your life is more difficult that I first thought.  I didn’t really think about how negative some of the closest people in my life actually were.

Once I had made the decision to surround myself with positive people, I actually became happier.  I was able to love life, be open to accepting and giving love and had boundless energy.

It takes so much more energy to be negative and miserable than it does to be positive and happy.  So choose to be happy.