They’re Right…Listen to Them


To say our family is close is an understatement. To say my sister is my best friend is an understatement…more like soul mates. I honestly feel blessed to have the family that I do, the outlook that I have and the grace to be appreciative of it all. But I do recall when I was younger I didn’t think my parents were quite so ‘right’ about everything. But looking back, now having the close-knit relationship with my parents that I am so blessed to have, I can tell you – they ARE right. This week’s blog is all about the things I despised them saying…but damn it they were so right!

1)     That guy – he’s bad news.

We’ve all heard that one from our parents! ‘But he’s so amazing, he’s not bad news. They just don’t know him!’ Well they might not know him but they know his type. And they were right! Our parents have a way of seeing things from a protector perspective that has spidey-senses on the ones that are just not bringing anything good to the table for you. They’re right. Listen to them.

2)    That friend of yours…she’ll be your friend forever.

Even when you are up to your eyeballs in drama, your parents have a way of knowing those girlfriends that will be there for you. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And they’re right. Listen to them.

3)   Education is never a waste of time.

I remember studying for exams while doing my BA in Psychology and knowing that I no longer wanted to go into psychology. Complaining to my dad that I’m never going to use this degree and it’s a complete waste of my time. If I heard it once I heard it a hundred times  – ‘education is never a waste of time’. Low and behold, how wonderful it has been to have that not only on my resume but in my arsenal of information in my brain. Time and time again I refer to my knowledge that my BA brings to me. So again…they’re right. Listen to them.

4)    Eat healthy and do something active every day.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were always enjoyed as a family and with healthy food on the table. We were taught the value of taking vitamins, eating vegetables, having healthy snacks and treating your body right. Our dad worked out every day in our home gym and our parents encouraged us to partake in sports each day. Whether it was driving Alli to 5am synchro practice, lugging Darren to hockey practice all week, or watching my Kung Fu practices and competitions, they were there. Cheering us on. It’s a perfect life lesson learned. They’re right. Listen to them.

5)    Be nice, work hard, do the right thing.

Sounds simple right? Well I have been in a few life situations where I needed to ask myself which path to take. Have I always made the right decision? Definitely not. But those decisions have made me who I am today. But when I need to make a decision I often ask myself, ‘what would mom and dad say to do?’ And the answer is always to do the right thing. Try and bring positive results from your life decisions. Be kind and sweet and friendly and smile often. Work hard, work smart, and enjoy your life. And at the end of the day, be proud of yourself. This one, most definitely, they’re right. Listen to them.

6)    You can do everything and anything you set your mind to, and we will support every single crazy idea you have.

Yes – I have dream parents. I know I am blessed to have such supportive parents. Whether it was a new sport I wanted to try, a new career path I wanted to take, a new plunge at something completely crazy and off the beaten path…I can always trust that my mom will say ‘I think that’s a great idea!’ My mom is my biggest fan, and I am blessed to have such an incredible woman not only in my life, but as my mother. The one to inspire me and guide me and love me through life. And I know not everyone has people like this, but now you have me to tell you – you CAN do anything you want. They’re right. Listen to them.

7)    You can always count on your family.

Alli and I sing the praises of this lesson often. I honestly know that everything will always be good in life because I have my family to support me, lean on, and help me in any way that they can. Whether it is helping with kids, starting a business together, crying together over spilled milk…we are always there for each other. No hesitation. No question. Full of love and support, without judgment or betrayal. Our parents have done a damn good job teaching us this. And for that we thank them. And know that it is truth. Listen to them.

Follow your excitement. Appreciate the great things in all your days. Be memorable. And say thank you to your parents for making you the star that you are.


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