Top Ten Things About Being Canadian

Canada Flag

Happy Canada Day!! As everyone heads out to Osborne Street Festival, the Forks or to be part of the World Record Size Canadian flag on this day, I wanted to send a bit of inspiration as to why our country is the VERY best one! Here are our top 10 favorite things about being Canadian:

  1. Free healthcare! Is our system perfect – nope! But you won’t ever have to make a decision about your health based on your finances. That’s a reason to celebrate
  2. Our nature! Whether you’re looking at the beautiful mountains of BC, the lakes of Manitoba or the Atlantic Ocean – we are surrounded by beauty
  3. Everyone likes us! If you’ve ever traveled you know this one
  4. We are respected for our peaceful ways around the world
  5. Freedom! No matter your race, color, religion or sex, you can be who you want to be
  6. We are a multi-cultural community. If it wasn’t evident before, take a look at what World Cup has showcased in our country. Love for all and all for love
  7. Our booze – seriously, who has better beer and whiskey than us?
  8. Our ladies – just admit it, we’re hot AND laid back. Win win!
  9. Our music – some of the greatest bands and musicians have come from our great country
  10. Hockey! We breed some of the very best hockey players on the planet! Gretzky, Roy, Lemieux, Crosby – and they all get cheered on by the greatest hockey fans in the world!

I hope this is a great reminder to why you love Canada so much as well! Now go out and celebrate this great land of ours!

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