Why I FINALLY Threw Away My Scale

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We obsess over numbers. How much money do I make? How many square feet is my house? How many pounds do I weigh? We need a SERIOUS shift. We need to shift towards how things make us FEEL. Am I living a lifestyle that I love? Is my home a place of comfort and love? Do I wake up in the morning and feel great about my body? THESE are the questions we should be asking, and in turn, making shifts in our conscious behavior as needed.

I tell my friends and family all the time ‘It doesn’t matter what the scale says it matters about how you feel’. But there I am, day after day obsessively weighing in. I can honestly wake up and look at myself in the mirror and say ‘I look amazing today’ and then quicker than a shake of a lamb’s tale say ‘I wonder how much I weigh today?’. And if that number doesn’t coincide with where I thought I should be, it turns things around just as quickly.

WHO CARES?!?! Does it really matter if I have gone up a pound or two or down a pound or two if when I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see? Does it really matter that I should ‘take 2 pounds off for clothes and one pound off for the coffee and water I had already’ to really get my “true weight” if I love the way I look? Does it really matter what that number is if my body is capable of doing 200 pound squats and 50 pushups and 25 pound bicep curls?

The answer is so obvious right?! Then why do I (and maybe you too) care so much about what that number is? We shouldn’t. It is unhealthy for my physical and mental well being to obsess over that number. It makes you want to eat less, eat different, take pills, binge sweat – whatever the reaction it has on you, it needs to stop.

So I have stopped. I have ridded my home of a scale. Instead, I am going to wake up each morning and ask myself how I physically feel. And then I will look at myself in the mirror while I’m getting ready for my day and ask myself how do I physically look in MY eyes. And when in doubt, I’m going to remind myself of five things I did this week in the gym to prove that the scale doesn’t run me, I do. So the fact that I can throw a mean right cross or killer roundhouse kick, or that I can do upside down pushups until the cows come home, or that I can throw my nieces in the air a hundred times to make them giggle. My body is more physically fit at 37 than I ever have been and I need to celebrate that. Every day. Screw the numbers. F the scale. I am looking at my successes from a different lens.

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