Why Sport for Girls

When a girl chooses to play sports, she gains so many valuable lessons, attributes and skills beyond just hitting the net, kicking a ball or making the basket. If girls are not active by the age of 10, they have a less than 10% chance of being active as adults. When girls are involved in sport, they learn how to win, how to lose, how to be a great team member, how to get through difficult days and be better for it, confidence, motivation and leadership skills.

Sport develops human beings. Sport allows you to set individual goals and overcome issues as they come up. It teaches you how to come back after letdowns, work through hard days, and how to have challenging conversations. It teaches you about accountability, time management and balance, how to blend priorities, and finding out what you love!

The great thing about sport is that it teaches you how to make things happen. How to make results happen. How to learn to be successful even through adversity, and have loads of fun while doing it.

According to the Women & Sport Foundation โ€œCreating a positive social environment that intentionally fosters a sense of belonging is integral to the retention of girls in sport and physical activity.โ€

And that is our mission. We want to create exceptional experiences in sport for girls ages 5 โ€“ 15 in Manitoba and keep them coming back for more. Find out more about our upcoming Girls in Sport programming by clicking below.

Programs for Girls