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Social Media Sessions for Athletes, Parents and Coaches: In this exciting and informative 60-minute session, you will learn why social media is such an important topic for athletes and coaches in today’s sport world. We will discuss the current state of social media and how it relates to an athlete and coach’s personal brand. We will discuss the value of building your brand online and why you should care for current and future opportunities.

We’ll provide you with inspirational examples of athletes who are doing social media right, and some who are doing it all too wrong. You will leave this session with action items on how to manage your social media and best advise the athletes in your program how to do it for themselves. A top ten ‘do’s and don’t’s’ for social media will help you on this path.

Cyber-bullying: Cyber-bullying is at an all time high. It is having drastic consequences in the lives of teens and adults on a daily basis. One in every five Canadians say they have experienced some form of cyber-bullying in the last twelve months. We will walk through what cyber-bullying is all about, what the consequences can be, and what to do if it is happening to you or any of your athletes.

Team Building: We are firm believers in team dynamics and their ability to make or break a team. We know that sometimes you need to take the team out of the regular “field” to grow and prosper. Active bodies breed active minds and creativity. A shared laugh or physical challenge is an opportunity to bond as a team and strengthen your connections. Our team building sessions not only focus direction of business tactics but also align groups together on another level. By getting out of the board room and into action is a fun and new way to look at the traditional strategic planning. These team building sessions are great for all types of teams – from corporate to sport.

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