Workshops for Kids

We have three Workshops that we offer:

  1. Strong Girls – what it means to be a strong female (athlete) and why it is so important!
  2. Goal Setting – how to set SMART Goals at any age!
  3. Confidence and Body Image – this interactive workshop will get participants feeling capable and powerful enough to take on the world! Building positive self talk and self esteem!

With each virtual session we do, we also have the option of including a physical component. For example with the Strong Girls Workshop, we would have a kickboxing class included. With the Goal Setting Workshop, we would do  yoga or meditation. Something to help the girls channel what they are learning into a physical piece. It also makes it lots of fun! With the current issues facing schools and teams with COVID, all of our Workshops are virtual.

There are three ways that girls can access our workshops:

  1. Physical Education Teachers or Coaches bring us on to do Workshops with teams or groups.
  2. Small group sessions. These sessions are tailored based on the ages of the participants. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for dates of upcoming Workshops here.
  3. At home! If sessions seem like a big step, check out our Confidence Workbook! Our Confidence Workbook is geared towards kids ages 5 – 17 who are looking to give their self-confidence a boost. We put the Confidence Workbook together because we understand how important it is to be confident. When we are confident, we make better decisions about things happening in our present day and future life. This E-Workbook can be done on your own, with friends or parents. It is a terrific tool to get the conversation started about WHY we love ourselves, and perhaps some of the issues on why we don’t. This E-Workbook has 10 terrific exercises to help kids feel great about being themselves. Purchase your Confidence Workbook HERE today for only $8, and we will email it to you within 24 hours.

If you are interested in learning more about our Workshops, or would like to sign up for any of the above options, please send us an email to or call us at 204.770.2203.

Workshop Testimonials:

“I felt inspired after every session with you. I loved how your program made me think of the bigger picture. I would like to see you more often – at least twice a month for our team. You created a safe space for us, and that is really really appreciated.”  – Student Athlete

“The confidence and body image session was my favourite. It is something we as a team and myself struggle with and it was so good to speak so openly about it and discuss the issues.” – Student Athlete