Your Relationship with Food


This summer I had the pleasure of partaking in a roundtable discussion and learning presentation with regards to Type 2 Diabetes in Manitoba. As the discussion went on, the subjects of obesity, physical exercise and eating habits all came up. For those who follow the Fit Communications blog, you know this is a topic that we are very passionate about. We have created our business mission around it. People shared their opinions, thoughts and experiences throughout the roundtable – people from all walks of life and current situations. Those from government, the medical community, the First Nations community, and many others. And then a woman, who was very overweight (and not that I am judging, although it does have to do with what happened next) said “With regards to nutrition, I have a horrible relationship with food. Food is not my friend. In fact, food is my enemy.”

This statement opened my eyes and really provoked my thoughts on what people’s relationship with food is. Whether you are overweight or obese, whether you are anorexic or bulimic, whether you eat food when you’re bored or to keep your mind off your reality, or whether you eat to live not live to eat – you have a relationship with food.

Are we obsessed with being thin? Of course we are! There is no question if our society does or does not spend a ridiculous amount of time, energy and money on being thin. Every day there is a new magic pill, a few fad diet or product, or a new way we can lose weight. But what if we never got to the point of needing to lose weight in the first place? What if we all had a healthy relationship with food, ate natural whole foods that were dense in nutrients solely to nourish our bodies and minds, rather than to cram processed crap down our throats we just picked up at a drive through?

What if ‘diet’ didn’t refer to losing weight rather what you ate? Can we replace the unhealthy relationship with food we have had for decades and get back to a positive, loving relationship with food? And if the answer is YES, will we see obesity and over weight rates start to decline in North America. I strongly feel the answer is YES to this, and want to get our minds and our souls back in line with a positive, loving relationship with food. I feel it is the key to healthy eating and healthy weights.

I really do want to gain a better understanding of people’s relationship with food. In fact, I want to write book about it. So if this is a topic you wish to discuss further or learn with me on, please contact me at

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